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Jan 11, 2014

Europe tour


so today i'm gonna share something.

I'M GOING TO EUROPE IN FEBRUARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. probably on Feb, 1st. I've received the flight tickets through e-mail and I should have been printed them out. But sigh, my printer's out of inks. (I'm going to cyber cafe later)

to be honest I never thought of going to Europe at this very early age. well 18 is still young I guess. ( I hate that the fact I'm 18 because basically I just celebrated my 17th birthday like 2 months ago and because it's 2014 already and automatically my age become 18. That's not ok. )

I still remember I used to write my school essays about something that related to travel and even in Spm I still write about travelling. Travelling is fun though. You can explore and discover a lot of new things beside learn about other people's culture and etc. My opinion, there's no point of writing essays about heart broken or being left by love or kind of sad story or being cheated. Like seriously you've much more interesting story to write, haven't you? Flooding your essays book with emotions of your sad love story is just so a pathetic shit. I hate this sort of people. THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD STOP LOOKING FOR LOVE IN PEOPLE'S SYMPATHIES. oh crap ! I shouldn't have been wasting my time writing about this shit.

If I'm not mistaken I've had told you guys that I want to travel the world when I'm 25 years old. Because at the age of 25, I probably have enough pocket money. I never thought of marrying rich people because they got money to support me to fulfil my dream when I still can work my ass to earn pennies by myself. I just don't like to rely on people because at the end of the day we wont sure whether we got them (the rich guy). If you want something just pray to your God and start working yourself to achieve your dreams.

got to go now. I should have taking shower because today's a bestie' day out.

xoxo, J

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