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Jan 4, 2014

Dream high baby


so today I would like to write about my dreams or things that I want in this life. Before that, this is yesterday's summary, everything went well like any other Friday ( I could tell you every Friday, mom and I will  go to TESCO to buy groceries or just to have lunch at food court) but my cat, Ucen, he was stuck at a high place.

I'm going to tell you my dreams by listing them okay


1. Land. 1 acre at least. I want to build my own dream home.
2. Perfect house. every people have their own dream houses right? to me a house that perfect is when everything that you want is inside. well I may be don't afford to build a bungalow but it's not a big deal as long I have everything perfect in my house and a yard, it's enough. My small house must contains a big living room so I could locate few shelves and a big arm chair, no dining room, two rooms : a room for me and a room for my parents if they come visit, no master bedroom because I don't need it as it's my house so I could sleep at every place, a kitchen full of cooking stuff because I love them( cooking stuff), a bathroom and a room for my cats.

to be continue...

sorry. my head's spinning.

p/s : I NEED A HAIR CLIP. MY FRONT HAIR KEEP DISTURBING ME !!!!!! How can i forgot to buy it yesterday.................... sigh


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