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Nov 18, 2016

A tale of a single lady

hello world

the things that I wondered.

1. have you ever feel so upset that actually you're not but because of your surrounding that made you feel that way ?
i mean like, actually you're happy with your life but because of the fake people around you kept on boasting themselves, somehow made you feel insecure.

2. why do I feel like being single is lonely now?
maybe the time for me to have a 'boyfriend'  has arrived, but I don't fall for strangers. I wont be accepting strangers who fall for me just because I need a partner. well I'm not that kind of girl who desperately accept anybody just to cope with the surrounding.

I usually fall for people that I used to know (my friend, schoolmate, classmate etc) but of course they don't like me back (i'm not sure). even if they like me back, but then it's too late because I already change my heart. and my heart wont turn back to the one that once disappointing my heart. the worst is I will hate the people I once fond of. yes, I hate them really much. I wont talk, smile or even look at them when we meet.

currently, I am into my studio mate and the feeling drops to 35% of fondness. another 65% is a mix of everything (hatred, confusing, anger). and now we rarely talk because I don't feel to. when the fondness is 0 , yes I will surely hate him too.

My fondness grows easily with constantly talk, smile, not-talk-to-any-bitches (haha I hate when my crush being close with another girl. it made me hate him more) showing some cares to me and etc. senang je kan  nak buat I happy ? senang kan ? bukan susah pon.

3. I hate the most when man overly tease and bergurau with his so called 'girl bestfriend'. eyyy tlg la.

just so you know, I am not a girl with graceful and flowers on their mouth most of the time. if you dont like the way I am, then it's okay.