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Feb 27, 2014

February 27


Today I went to a movie with my two best friends at a mall near our residences. We watched Pompeii. An epic story of a slave who had been through hard life and bla bla bla. Well the hero's quite bewitching actually! 

And today  I officially bought my first Starbucks coffee, without whipped cream (I weary with whipped cream because when I was in Europe I tend to order hot chocolate with whipped cream so I don't feel like having it in Malaysia for now). I don't know whether I'd go to the cafe because as long as I remember I never went to Starbucks. If I'm not mistaken..

Well for my opinion, everything at the cafe's really expensive (which is the main reason why teenagers like to post the drinks they bought from the cafe because whenever they did it, it shows to people that they came from rich families like WTH WHO CARES ? ).

okay bye

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